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Dartmoor countryside near

Dartmoor countryside near

Most organisations support their products or services through the printed word but in order to convey the utmost professionalism Cheap Ryan Griffin Jersey , it is essential that all materials are thoroughly proofread to avoid typos or embarrassing blunders before going to print. Proofreading can be tricky, especially if you are the author, designer or are closely involved with the document or project. However a few simple tricks of the trade can mean that all mistakes are quickly identified and corrected.

To begin, use the computer spell checker to eliminate simple typos. Remember to check that the computer has the correct language selected i.e. UK vs. US. Computers do not always get it right though so having a printed dictionary to hand is also useful.

Each subsequent reading of the document should be focused on a different aspect. First, read the document to see if it is complete with all the information needed, this could mean dates and times for an event on a flyer or thorough explanations of services in a brochure, either way make sure it is all there.

Next, read the document to see how it sounds. Listen to the sound of the voice in your head or read out loud to see if the sentences make sense as a whole. The tone and flow of a document are important to ensure the audience remains interested and receives the right impression of the company or promotion.

A third reading can be used to identify other spelling and punctuation mistakes. Before this reading is undertaken it can be helpful to read something else in between to enable the mind to return fresher. A top tip is to read the document backwards when checking for spelling mistakes.

Finally Cheap Shane Lechler Jersey , check all content outside of the main body of the text or that which is formatted differently such as headers and footers. Often this 'outside' text is additional information such as telephone numbers, dates, company names etc. and these items can be easily overlooked.

At least one of these readings should be done in hard copy as mistakes can be missed on a computer screen.

Here is a list of the most common typographical mistakes:

- Homophones - these are words which sound the same but have a different spelling and meaning. Right and write, deer and dear.
- Leaving out silent letters - Febuary and February, lisen and listen.
- Adding an Ending - mistakes can be made when changing the tense of a word by adding an ending. Hopeing and Hoping or Submiting and Submitting.
- Missing words - most commonly with smaller words, to, it, is Cheap Kareem Jackson Jersey , of, a, etc. Or sometimes these words are used incorrectly in exchange for one another.
- Ordering of letters - the most common of typos is for letters to be the wrong way round.
- Punctuation - apostrophes are the most common punctuation mistake. They should be used in two ways, for the possessive e.g. Peter's ball, and to replace missing letters e.g. it's or don't.
- Amalgamating words - some words should be separate 'a lot' rather than 'alot'
- Verbs - adapt the verb to a singular or plural subject for example 'I was' and 'we were' not 'I were' and 'we was'.
- Should ofshould have - the latter is correct.

Once the document has become free of all its mistakes and is as correct as it can possibly be it is ready to go to print. All you need now is a high quality printing company to match your high quality proofreading.
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Solopress is a leading UK printing company offering a quality yet affordable printing service for all your printed stationery needs, from brochures to business cards, folders to flyers and leaflets to letterheads. Founded over 15 years ago, Solopress has a 24 hour turnaround pledge and offers next day delivery.

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Situated in the South West of England Cheap C. J. Fiedorowicz Jersey , Devon offers the perfect holiday destination for all the family. There are a host of things to do in Devon. Wander around traditional fishing villages, quaint coastal towns, explore the unspoilt Devon countryside and the rolling hills of the moors of Dartmoor and Exmoor and visit one of the many family friendly attractions that Devon has to offer. Additionally there are also many places to stay, from camping in the outdoors to staying in the number hotels in Devon.

Alternatively, Devon is the perfect place to experience activities that you have never dared to do before. The coastal location means that there is an abundance of water sports available including surfing, sailing, kite-surfing and wake-boarding. Additionally, head to Dartmoor for the ultimate adventure playground and try abseiling Cheap Breno Giacomini Jersey , hiking, horse riding and even hot air ballooning.

Devon Attractions:
There are many attractions situated throughout Devon which are suitable for everyone. Attractions range from family adventure parks, unspoilt gardens and historical sites. Here are just a few to note down...

South Devon Railway:
The South Devon Railway is perfect for families. It travels 7 miles along the beautiful River Dart to Totnes. There is also a railway museum, engine sheds, a maze, cafe, refreshments and an adventure playground all at the South Devon Railway base.

Buckfast Abbey:
A visit to Buckfast Abbey will provide you with an insight into a living Benedectine Monastery. There are also presentations and displays with more information with a shop and restaurant.

Pennywell Farm:
Pennywell Farm is popular with younger children. It is an all weather, all day attraction where you can watch displays of birds of prey and visit the hedgehog sanctuary.

Becky Falls:
Becky Falls is situated in the heart of the Dartmoor countryside near Bovey Tracey. See waterfalls and a 60 acre ancient woodland estate with river walks Cheap Andre Hal Jersey , nature trails, a tea room, gift shop and restaurant.
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